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Senior Citizen Couple
Senior Citizen Couple


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Practice Temporarily Closed

 We have closed our offices in all three states. If you are a current patient and have questions, please call the office (Monday through Friday 10-1) or email us. If you need to request records, please fill out the records request form and send it back with payment and we will respond accordingly. We wish you well and hope to notify you when we reopen.

At Notre Dame Family Centers, we focus on building strong bonds of attachment and enriching the emotional experience for individuals, couples, and all members of a family system.  Our orientation is playful, positive and inclusive!

Developing your personal identity, meeting a partner, becoming a couple and deciding to become a parent--these are significant milestones in our lives.  Nevertheless, building a home, maintaining a long-term relationship and raising children...at any age or stage...can also be quite challenging!

In times of personal or family crises, we can assist you by reducing conflict, cultivating strengths, and building support systems.  However, before life's challenges become insurmountable, we believe in working together to improve communication, strengthen relationships, and empower individuals, couples, and families with the skills they need to turn challenges into growth opportunities.  

We can assist during family life transitions such as pregnancy, infertility, adoption, sibling rivalry, adolescence, and "empty nesting," as well as address concerns such as infidelity, sexual dissatisfaction, trauma, separation, illness, death, family conflict, divorce, domestic violence, custody disputes, supervised visitation, blended families and/or family reunification.

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